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About Tic-Off

Application of Tic-Off enables quick, painless and effective removal of ticks from the host's skin without harmful effects to his health.

Removal of the tick is done by placing the free tip of the nozzle attached to the exhaust of the container, directly onto the arachnida. The container releases the metered dose of the agent, which causes immediate retreat of the mouth from the skin, freezing and killing of the tick which enables its easy removal from the skin. Upon removal with Tic-Off, only the tick is being sprayed and it is unnecessary to spray human skin. Removal of the tick is done by catching the frozen, dead tick with forceps.


Detailet instructions for use can be strzalka accesed here




To sum up, application of Tic-Off involves:


Strzalka freezing the tick along with its internal bodily fluids, which may include disease-producing pathogens

Strzalka retreat of the mouth apparatus

Strzalka coagulation of fluids in the bitten area

Strzalka immediate killing of the tick


Before removing, the tick may have already injected its "spit" with disease-producing microbes. Therefore, it is advised to observe where the tick bite occurred and in case of skin lesion (e.g. redness), contact the doctor immediately.




Tic-Off is recommended by the Lyme Disease Association


Tic-Off has been approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and registered as medical device no. 2249715 which grants authorization to manufacture Tic-Off as a device for the use on human skin. Tic-Off is also listed in the American Camp Association (ACA) as an element of supply in first aid kits in camps, campsites, etc.


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